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Nirvana can best be translated from Sanskrit as the ultimate liberation from the cycle of life and death; the experience of egolessness, of blissfully being completely at one with the universe. Azure is a pastel shade of blue, often described as the color of the sky on a clear summer day.

Nothing soothes my soul like spending a beautiful day at a spring, lake or beach. When I’m not working or drafting research papers, you can find me taking a trip to wherever there’s a good view of the water. I’ve been extremely blessed to spend the last two summers in Europe and I created this blog to share the beautiful memories I have from all of the places I’ve visited on my travels.
I’m Melanie, a 27 year old hip-hop lovin, tree huggin Latina currently living in Orlando, Florida. I’m inspired by natural beauty, simplicity + the purity of nature, and I strive to live in the present to capture these moments as I experience them. My passions include travel, photography, minimalism, architecture, living consciously, practicing yoga + meditation, and all forms of art.

I’ve dedicated the last few years of my life to completely changing my lifestyle by adopting a cleaner diet, as well as practicing yoga and meditation, and have experienced amazing changes as a result (including losing over 40 pounds/20kg). I feel radiant every single morning that I wake up, and I want to share that feeling with the world. I am extremely passionate about living simply, happily + mindfully, being resourceful, preserving our planet, and sharing as much knowledge as I possibly can during my time here on Earth.

This project is letting my creative juices flow, as well as allowing me to share my views and experiences, learn from you all, and hopefully establish a likeminded community. I’m a student of curiosity embarking on a journey of self-discovery, and I would love for you to join me.

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All of the writing, photography, and thoughts expressed on this blog are completely original, and are my intellectual property.



  1. Anne Marie

    I LOVE it!!! This is going to be an amazing project and I can’t wait to see what the universe will open up for you!!!!!

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