Perfect Strangers

“Though we are taught to be wary of strangers and that bad things can happen, it doesn’t change the fact that the majority of people that we share this world with are good and kind hearted people just like us.”


The best part of my trip was definitely the beautiful people that I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with. From the host families who graciously welcomed me into their homes, to my network of fellow tutors, and other dope locals & travelers I’ve met along the way,
my journey wouldn’t have been the same without you.

I’ve shared a bottle of wine on a mountain overlooking Barcelona with people I’ll never see again, had laughs with complete strangers over the most random occurrence while in transit to Levanto, and made friends from all over the world, collecting beautiful memories along the way.

From the talk about minimalism I shared with a moped riding farmer while hiking in Megalochori (Santorini), to the chat about motivation & entrepreneurship that I shared with an Athenian shopkeeper, and the few jumbled sentences I managed to stitch together with the flea market vendor who gave me an antique Indian coin.

I felt the beautiful soul of a Tibetan reiki master who gave my friend Jasmin & I abdominal massages with his singing bowl in Rome, and shared a hilarious chat in Parc Della Ciutadella with Jose Maria, an octogenarian Catalan gentleman who gave me all the hot spots and tips about finding my way around Barcelona. I got along with Carlota, the coffee shop owner who played all the sick hip hop tracks and hooked me up with some special honey and free drinks, and shared tons of laughs + a bottle of bitter sangria with some cool Finnish dudes at our hostel, before meeting up with even more new friends at the magic fountain show in Montjuic, and walking through the entirety of El Raval + Las Ramblas.

My friend Lauren & I ran into some Bostonians in Athens who shared their bottle of Retsina with us and told us where to get a good view of the Acropolis for free, along with fun facts they learned on their official walking tour of the city. While making my way back to town from the Red Beach in Santorini, I met a gorgeous Greek shopkeeper on the coast of the White Beach who practiced his English with me and shared his desire to move to America and marry a Latina (lol I’ve heard that one before).

I’ll never forget the enormous yellow full moon we watched setting while enjoying our last dinner at a rooftop bar in Ios, being flung into the Aegean sea on a high speed tube, finishing a long week of training at a mosquito-laden camp in the outskirts of Rome by dancing on a makeshift dance floor, a tipsy sing-along with new friends after dinner on a family’s vineyard, walking aimlessly for hours + finding the coolest dip off spot next to a castle on the Sorrentine Peninsula.

Riding on a cute Greek boy’s moped through Santorini was fun, as well as singing karaoke with the hypest crew on Kamari Beach, getting lost in winding Italian streets, enjoying views while talking shit on balconies + rooftops in the Cyclades Islands,  getting a massage from a gorgeous male model in Mykonos, enjoying piping hot Neapolitan pizza with after a week of amazing teamwork with the best group of people in Fondi …
… they’ve all been emblazoned into my memory.

Deep life-changing conversations, spontaneous adventures, long walks, delicious meals, deep belly laughs, & crazy unforgettable memories … That’s what life is all about. You made this the best summer ever, and I’m glad to have met every single one of you.

Thank y’all for sharing your good vibes with me.



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