I got lost & found myself in paradise.

Climbed lush mountains, dipped in salty seas, listened to the wind, & made memories no one knows about. Soaked in mesmerizing tangerine sunrises, indulged in salmon-splashed sunsets, & bathed in every shade of cerulean imaginable. I learned to silence my thoughts, embrace uncertainty, and find the beauty in everything. My soul has been cleansed and my perspective forever shifted. I’ve been set free.

The places I’ve visited, the people I’ve met, the food I’ve eaten, and the enlightening conversations and situations I’ve experienced … they’ve all become a part of me. My soul has been reset. This experience has transformed me and I want to feel this way over & over.

I now live for adventure + exhilarating experiences, days spent communing with nature, laughing with gusto, chasing vibrant sunsets, photographing landscapes, good vibes, beach days, songs that make me move, traveling, delicious food, reading, journaling, authentic connection. These are the things that make me feel alive.

What makes you feel alive?


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