100 Things: My Bucket List

  1. Take a long-term vacation.
  2. Take an epic Eurotrip after graduation.
  3. Get my Bachelors degree.
  4. Start a blog to update my friends + family about my travels.
  5. Feed a giraffe.
  6. Try traveling solo.
  7. Rent an RV or tiny house.
  8. Visit a nude beach.
  9. Learn a 3rd language (currently refreshing my HS Italian skills!).
  10. Photograph an abandoned/forgotten place.
  11. Learn to surf.
  12. Hike up a mountain.
  13. Watch a sunset at the beach.
  14. Camp on the beach.
  15. Ride a jet-skii.
  16. Take an island hopper tour in Greece.
  17. Ride a high speed train.
  18. Try stand up paddle boarding.
  19. Ride an old-school locomotive.
  20. Visit the West Coast.
  21. Go on a Caribbean cruise.
  22. Swim with manatees.
  23. See a waterfall.
  24. Snorkel/scuba in & around a coral reef.
  25. Visit Park Güell in Barcelona.
  26. Hike through Cinque Terre.
  27. Kayak in a bioluminescent bay.
  28. Eat a cheesesteak in Philadelphia.
  29. Eat gelato & fresh pasta in Italy.
  30. Eat Nutella & banana crepes in France.
  31. Eat fish & chips w/ mushy peas & sticky toffee pudding in London.
  32. Eat waffles in Bruges, Belgium.
  33. See the blue domed sunset in Oia, Santorini.
  34. Take a boat tour in Amsterdam.
  35. Finally eat banana space cake.
  36. Buy a lapel pin in every destination I visit (50 so far!).
  37. Take a road trip in Puerto Rico.
  38. Ride a zip-line through a jungle.
  39. Take a selfie while cliff diving.
  40. Visit the giants in the Redwood National Forest.
  41. Ride an ATV and take a beach tour on one of the Cyclades Islands.
  42. Watch the sun rise over the horizon while on an island.
  43. Sit on the peak of a mountain.
  44. Bathe in a natural thermal spring.
  45. Frolic among the lavender + sunflower fields of Aix-en-Provence.
  46. Go to a rainforest.
  47. Tour the Everglades.
  48. View the underwater wildlife in Dry Tortugas National Park.
  49. See the Southernmost Point in Key West.
  50. Take a road trip around the US West Coast.
  51. Go on a yoga retreat.
  52. Film a beautiful sunset.
  53. Volunteer helping animals and/or teaching English.
  54. Make malas + give them to my loved ones.
  55. Get a half sleeve.
  56. Learn to play the ukulele + bongos.
  57. Ride in an antique car in Havana, Cuba.
  58. Visit the vividly painted houses of Burano.
  59. Eat pizza in its birthplace, Napoli.
  60. Hike on the Sentiero degli Dei along the sea.
  61. Visit the picturesque Slovenian town of Piran.
  62. Learn how to French & Dutch braid.
  63. Try minimalist travel at least once.
  64. Go snorkeling in a spring
  65. Walk inside of a cave.
  66. Go on an authentic African Safari trip.
  67. Eat fried feta cheese in Athens.
  68. Solo hike the caldera from Fira to Oia on the island of Santorini.
  69. Go to a wolf sanctuary + see them up close and personal.
  70. Take an overnight ferry across the Adriatic Sea.
  71. See the marvelous sites of Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik + Pula in Croatia.
  72. Marvel at the waterfalls in Plitvice Lakes National Park.
  73. Teach English in another country.
  74. Take a tour of a winery.
  75. Photograph il Castello di Miramare in Trieste, Italy.
  76. Stop by San Marino for a day trip. 🇸🇲
  77. Same goes for Andorra. 🇦🇩
  78. Get back into bicycling.
  79. Take a street art tour in Porto, Portugal.
  80. Drink port wine in its place of origin.
  81. Drink Moroccan mint tea in Fez.
  82. Spend a day perusing through the majestic Alhambra in Granada, Spain.
  83. Visit the city of San Sebastián, Spain, the place that my mother’s hometown is named after.
  84. Walk part of the Camino de Santiago, or a similar trail for a spiritual (not religious) pilgrimage.
  85. See the street art on the silos in Palermo, Sicily.
  86. Photograph Alcatraz + the Golden Gate Bridge.
  87. Get hyphy in the Bay. #aaaaaaaayyyyeeee
  88. Have a photo shoot in Death Valley.
  89. Get live at a daytime beach party somewhere in the Cyclades.
  90. Eat Santorini’s famous lobster linguine on Ammoudi Bay.
  91. Visit a black sand beach without scalding the soles of my dainty feet.
  92. Sunbathe on Red Beach in Santorini.
  93. Drink fresh cold guarapo (sugar cane juice) on an island.
  94. Try escargot (snails) in Paris. 🐌
  95. Plan an epic 30th bday trip.
  96. Visit an elephant sanctuary.
  97. Backpack through a few Southeast Asian countries.
  98. Attend a sunset bonfire on the beach.
  99. Travel somewhere new every year.
  100. Quit my job to travel.

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