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Celebration Lake


Nirvana can best be translated from Sanskrit as the ultimate liberation from the cycle of life and death; the experience of egolessness, of blissfully being completely at one with the universe. Azure is a pastel shade of blue, often described as “the color of the sky on a clear summer’s day.”

Nothing soothes my soul like spending a beautiful day at a spring, lake or beach. Luckily for me, I just happen to be living in the land of all three: Central Florida. When I’m not working, doing homework, or drafting research papers, you can find me taking a road trip to wherever there’s a good view of the water.

My interests include art, music, travel, photography, architecture, epicurean delights, healthy living, drinking tea, reading, practicing different styles of yoga + meditation, thrifting, spirituality, Eastern culture, Ayurveda, and conscious living. I’m inspired by beauty, purity, and nature, and strive to live in the present to capture these moments as I see them. I am extremely passionate about being resourceful, living mindfully, conserving our planet, and attaining and sharing as much knowledge as I possibly can while I’m here.

When I peruse blogs online, I really have a hard time finding one that I connect with (especially locally). I don’t fit into many predetermined target categories, so I know that other young people can relate. I hope to create a unique collection of work that encompasses the subjects I enjoy learning and writing about.

This project is letting my creative juices flow, as well as allowing me to share my views and experiences, learn from you all, and hopefully establish a likeminded community making positive changes. Through this blog, I also hope to introduce others to the lesser known parts of Central Florida and beyond. Welcome on this journey with me.


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